Considered an essential member of the old guard of exceptional Trance musicians, the legendary Trance master that is Sean Tyas continues his onslaught of extraordinary music towards his ever changing career. As with any established career, they all consist of chapters; points in their life where their productions revolved around a certain time frame and sound, while their tastes have continuously evolved over time. In the beginning of his career, he focused on the classic Uplifting sound with productions such as his iconic single, Lift and his collaborations with Talla 2XLC, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Bjorn Akesson. Over time, his influences changed with the scene, and like many Trance musicians who are currently active in the scene, he started to gravitate towards incorporating Electro into his productions and sets, (such as his single of Leveled and his collaborations with Hirshee and Horny Sanchez). The reason that we’re discussing about these ‘chapters’ is because it seems that we are on the cusp of yet another fresh start for Tyas with his return to his classic style. With a modern take on his older sounds, (along with elements of Trance 2.0 implementations), Sean offers an exciting blend of past and present that expresses a sense of exciting adventurism into the start of 2014. To kick off this intriguing experiment of sounds, he releases his brand new single of Now You See which has received critical support from industry leaders such as Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila and Paul van Dyk.

Ed note: As there is not a full track recording of the piece that can be found at this time, this is the fullest preview we can present.

In our opinion, we find that artists who are in a ‘transitional’ stage in their careers tend to bring out some of the most exciting and exhilarating sounds in their discography. And Tyas does not disappoint as he starts off with unusual Psy induced basslines and enough EQ effects to completely warp the sound into unknown territory alongside random stabs of wood blocks and cow bells. The sound production is simply stunning as he manages to utilize many different risky maneuvers, (such as laser-esque acid beams), while also keeping the arrangement smooth and polished. He has managed to change his sound while keeping within the parameters of his older sound; an oxymoron that shouldn’t even exist! These tough basslines continue their onslaught as faint murmurs of melodic material creep through the phrase before triumphantly exclaiming thunderous synths that seem to swirl throughout the confines of any listener’s head. The breakdown hushes down with a variety of dark and sinister Psy snarls before a hint of peace protects the track’s delicacy like the eye of the storm. Heavenly choirs gently lead the listener through blissful thoughts before a gorgeous piano brings a tender touch throughout Tyas‘ heartwarming passages. As it builds throughout the phrase, it then calms down before returning to the beat, which is completely opposite of what most tracks do. He instead uses that extra momentum to slowly pick up speed before driving it home with powerfully euphoric melodies that cascades over the listener as waves of emotions crash all around the listener in the pure magic that is Trance.

Sean Tyas‘ single of Now You See is out now on Tytanium Recordings, so make sure you pick up your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q