SirensCeol is the next victim of playing good music. The result being the same as before; management cutting his set short because nobody heard “The Hits.” Now whatever the hits are, whether they were looking for Beatport top 10s, Avicii, or even more mainstream stuff like Rhianna, SirensCeol didn’t deliver. Not only was he ousted for playing underground music, but it was done very unprofessionally.

One of the problems here is performance/venue type (Obviously a club is different from a festival), but the deeper issue is that people are stubborn to new music. The hits or a hit is nice to hear yes, but don’t you want to build your personal collection of “hits”? The only way that can happen is if you expose yourself to new music, which is one of the jobs of a DJ. More importantly, people like SirensCeol are artists and you do not tell an artist what to do. Being in the SF area, I will personally be boycotting The Grand Night club.

On a lighter note, SirensCeol released a new free tune, which you can stream and download here!

Free Download

UPDATED:  Following @thegrandnightclub on Instagram, they posted (then deleted) the alleged playlist sheet that SirensCeol scribbled out for the set. “We hired a DJ not a jukebox. Here is your playlist back!” was what the description said, matched alongside such hashtags like #wewantourmoneyback and #notadj. Seems like the preplanned set did not go over as well as one thought. We have posted a screenshot of the paper in question below.