With New Years Eve right around the corner there are many events around the country. But one event that has been making waves with its size and lineup quality is Decadence in Denver CO. With over 40,000 people expected in attendence paired with a lineup featuring power houses like Bassnectar, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Dada Life and Pretty Lights spanning over two days, this event is set to be off the charts and that is no secret.

We recently got the opportunity to sit down with the head of Global Dance, the production company behind Decadence, Ha Hau and this is what he had to say.

What inspired you to do Decadence?

Denver has never really had big NYE dance festival. For years, I did a small event or took it off to only find nothing really fun to do. So I figured it was time to do something big for adults. Something I would enjoy. I wanted it in the heart of Denver. It just happen to be one of the most beautiful buildings here.

Where do you see Decadence going in the future?

This is the third and biggest Decadence ever. A team with AEG Live and Livenation, you would expect some big things. I can only see this show getting bigger every year. I believe its the biggest EDM NYE festival in North America. Would love to have that title every year.

Do you ever see it expanding outside of Colorado?

Yes its in discussion

What process do you use for the talent buying for Decadence?

We wanted to go big this year so we made offers to the biggest artists we could, one by one. We targeted specific genres. Since NYE is a prime night, we’re competing for talent with numerous events around the world. Luckily, we landed an amazing lineup.


What is/was the greatest challenge with Decadence?

The biggest challenge is the size of the venue. We’re using 600,000 sq feet of festival space; many football fields size. Imagine trying to make that much space look festive. We’re trying real hard not to make people feel like ants. I feel good about what came together.

How would you sum up EDM in 2013?

Explosive. Its everywhere.

Where do you see it going in 2014?

EDM will continue to grow next year and the year after. Beyond that, who knows. Its breaking into new territory on all fronts. I’m just amazed and enjoying it while its here. Come global dance with me 🙂


For those of you in attendance, you can definitely expect something special to close out your 2013 and start off your year with a boom.

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