It’s cool to just talk with artists one on one, which is just what Inthemix did with Deadmau5 in a two hour interview. What seemed to be a facebook chat turned out to be an eye-opening look at an already outspoken human being. The formally informal conversation reached topics like Joel’s upcoming Australia tour,, business models/philosophies and so much more.
Deadmau5’s subscription service has been an undeniable success lately and it will continue to get even better. The perfecting of its functionality will be continuous and Joel will keep his nose dirty in dealing with any and all things related to the site. This is in part due to his love for “business”, from economics to the adrenaline rush of pushing a business entity forward. Or backward, according to Joel, who has an extreme distaste for stagnation.
I’d be just as happy driving my career into the ground as I would watching it skyrocket.
However, I don’t think the guy has to worry because he is pioneering (and has been) the scene we are all a part of. A staple in dance music, he has contributed heavily whether it be production or performance wise. Speaking of performing, Deadmau5 reveals in the interview he prefers solo shows because of the control factor. And because records are usually repeated by artists at festivals. That’s an entirely different subject though. These solo shows would feature the Cube Plus stage that is being finished up prior to the Australia tour. The very tour that will also be presenting tons of new music!
I’m sure some of that new music has been the previews that were uploaded to his Soundcloud (R.I.P.). His partnership with Astralwerks may mean that Joel releases this music with them, but he hopes to eventually be able to release music by himself again. In 2017 he will have a chance to do it. That’s when he’s a free man and will be able to exercise his musical and business senses. By that time though, he says there may be a time where labels are obsolete.
…it’s good to know and understand the economics that surround you.
He further expressed his love for business in the interview, stating he is excited by “the business moves, the cut throat shit” and that it’s all a game. We know how he loves his games. This passion permeates all his endeavors which is just one of the reasons he has had so much success. Despite his social media “antics” he has his priorities straight and he is someone who is trying to keep the scene in the right place. Whether it’s heavy fan interaction, free(ish) music, or just some down-to-earth wise words, Deadmau5 deserves respect for what he has and will have accomplished.
idgaf if you make the shittiest music in the world
if you’re driven
that’s admirable
but if you’re “hey im a dj and im gunna make money!!” you’re a twatwaffle

Yes, he may have a lot of money, but it’s fairly obvious that is not his goal. If you want to check out the interview, head over to Inthemix to read about the many other subjects and details that they covered in the two hour window.