Delayers are a group of four producers from San Marino who have been instantly catching the attention of many listeners around the world. From their first release, “Easy Up”, which was placed on the international charts, to Gregori Klosman remixing their single, “Even Everything Moves“, these guys have made themselves a staple name in the EDM world. Also, adding on to their bucket list of success they had also released a collaboration with Tiesto and Nari & Milani through Muscial Freedom. Delayers have continuously been on the rise ever since their first release and now with 20,000 likes on their Facebook fan page, they celebrate with this new release, “Voodoo”, an intense and thrilling bass line that collects to forming the “ultimate seduction” of dramatic synth work throughout this whole track, ultimately creating a total summer festival hit.

Listen to the track down below, and let us know what you think!