Krewella‘s music is known for being incredibly remix-able. “Alive” was easily one of the most remixed track of 2013 and for good reason; the passionate vocals and catchy hooks are the kinds of things producers dream of working with when crafting their latest remixes. Some of the biggest names in EDM such as Hardwell and Dash Berlin have remixed their work, but some smaller producers like Pegboard Nerds have even used remixes of hits like “Alive” and “Live For the Night” to help jumpstart their own careers. Well now it seems like LAZER LAZER LAZER and Kruce might be trying to do the same thing with their remix of “Human,” which is probably my favorite track off of Krewella‘s debut album “Get Wet.”

If you haven’t heard of LAZER LAZER LAZER (check out our artist spotlight on them or him, who knows?) before then you are seriously missing out. I’m not messing around when I say these guys are the second coming of Knife Party, which is something that’s been long overdue ever since KP started straying away from their origins in dubstep/electro in favor of a more progressive/big room sound. Their soundcloud is packed with one incredible remix after another and this one with Kruce, another relatively unknown producer, is no different. It’s pretty clear that “Funk Hole” by Destroid was a huge influence in this remix, but those old Knife Party vibes I was mentioning earlier that come from the laser-like synths and epic melodic vocal chops serve to keep it feeling nice and fresh. This incredibly filthy take on Krewella‘s liquid-dubstep ballad turns it into a bass music banger that is destined to destroy dance floors nationwide; you should probably grab some IcyHot or a bag of frozen peas right now because your neck is definitely going to be sore after listening to this one on repeat for a while.