If you were paying any attention to the music world during 2013 then you’ve heard the name Diplo before. Hell, my 50 year old mom has heard of him and she listens to a strict diet of Dire Straits with a little bit of Carrie Underwood for good measure.

Nardwuar was able to catch up with him for an extra long interview at The Contact Winter Music Festival in Vancuver, BC Canada.

The interview covers a wide variety of topics and random little facts about Diplo’s long and illustrious career in the music industry. It will have you laughing for more reasons than the always ridiculous Nardwuar and you will even learn tidbits ranging from Bob Marley’s homeless friend to his scheme for selling old records back in the day.

Definitely watch the entire thing and leave feedback below, there is so much gold in this 13 minute interview!