Recently MTV posted an article on their most anticipated albums of 2014. Of course, when I saw this I said to myself, nope I am not looking forward to Afrojack’s album at all. So I decided to make my own list. Keep in mind that this is a personal list, based on my own personal taste in music. While I like to think that my music taste is phenomenal (c’mon, who doesn’t think their taste is) not everyone will agree with me. Anyway, without further ado, I give you JAlpie’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums for 2014.


10. Nero


It is no secret that when Nero releases something, music lovers around the world rejoice in pure musical bliss. There is no doubt in my mind that their upcoming studio album, which has been in the works since 2012, will be no different. There is no release date yet, but it was announced that it will come out in 2014.


9. Dillon Francis


Oh Dillon, we all love your music, we all love your comedy, and we all love your relentless search for your father. But what we would really love is if you could release your debut album. Will the songs Drunk All the Time and Do It For The Kids to be on the album? We can only hope. Once again, there has been no definite release date announced, but 2014 seems to be the year.


8. Eric Prydz aka PRYDA


The man with many aliases never disappoints, whether he is playing a spectacular set or producing a track that speaks to you emotionally. PRYDA has now been around for 10 years, so what better way to celebrate than announcing a possible album release this year with a cryptic picture. Needless to say, I am absolutely stoked for this.


7. Big Gigantic


Finally we have an album with an actual release date of February 2014. The duo Dom and Jeremy never fail to impress with their engaging live sets and incredible studio production. Presale information for the album will be released on January 14th 2014.


6.  Knife Party


After their experimental run in the big room trend with LRAD, I am very curious to see whether KP continues their journey through different genres, or if they return to their signature sound. Again no solid release date, but this year’s the year.


5. Deadmau5


It is no secret that I love deadmau5. If you ask any one of my fellow writers, they can tell you how much I love the Mau5’s music. With his signature synths and progressive sound, he never fails to satisfy my tastes. The fact that he will be releasing a two-disc album sometime this year makes me ecstatic. Although the album is finished, we have yet to hear a release date.


4. Skrillex


I am personally not a fan of the whole Bangarang shebang, but what Skrillex did with Chase and Status’ track International was absolutely phenomenal. It honestly makes me immensely curious to see what Sonny has in store for us this year. No hard release date yet.


3. Porter Robinson


Language. That’s how most people know Porter Robinson, but that’s not a bad thing. Language is one of the most beautifully composed tracks I’ve heard to date. This is why I am super stoked to see what Porter will showcase in his upcoming album.


2. Pendulum


Well played Rob Swire, well played. You have managed to make my list twice. After Pendulum’s hiatus, it was announced on Twitter that the band will be getting back together to produce a new album. Not only that, but did you see the pictures of that studio? Damn, I don’t even make music and I know something exciting will come out of that.


1.  Madeon


This super-talented Frenchman has released 7 singles and every one of them has been pure gold. When I’m listening to him and the track ends, I always find myself yearning for more. Well, it looks like my wish will come true in 2014 seeing as Madeon announced he will be taking a few months off touring to hit the studio.




Honorable Mention:


Hardwell: The DJ Mag #1 DJ in the world announced he will release his first artist album in none other than 2014. I’m curious to see what this album will deliver, and whether Hardwell goes with the generic big room sound or if he does something innovative to blow our minds.


Steve Angello:  I’m looking forward to hearing what Steve Angello has in store with his upcoming album since the breakup of Swedish House Mafia, just because it seems like all is quiet on the western front with him right now.


Once again, this is a personal list. Just because I am excited for an album, doesn’t mean you have to be, but even better if we share the same sentiments!


Thank you for reading and let me know which albums you are most excited for!