After an incredible collaboration EP with Au5Fractal is back on Monstercat, this time with two solo tracks that will shock and awe even the most experienced bassheads out there. The title track has a trippy intro featuring lots of glitchy chopped vocals and powerfuly synths that build up and drop into a monstrous melodic drumstep tune. I cannot commend Fractal enough on his sound design and the sheer complexity of this song; there were many times throughout this track where I just sat there in pure astonishment with my palm on my face and jaw on the floor trying to fully wrap my head around exactly what I was hearing. On the other hand, “Mountain Hunter,” which has more of a chill-step vibe, serves as a wonderful juxtaposition to the incredibly energetic and epic “Spection.” The combination of subtle wubs, spacey synths, and delicately placed orchestral parts makes for one of the most beautiful soundscapes I’ve ever had the pleasure of losing myself in.

Another thing that always impresses me about Fractal‘s productions is how many different genres he draws his influences from. Trance, electro, progressive, dubstep, and drum’n’bass are all there if you listen closely; I’m always blown away by Fractal‘s ability to blend so many influences so seamlessly into one cohesive musical journey. One last facet of Fractal‘s productions that never ceases to amaze me is how his incredibly filthy basslines never drown out the more melodic elements of the track, which is something that a lot of other producers in the bass music scene have some serious trouble with.

There’s something very special about every release Fractal puts out and his Spection EP is no exception. You can tell that making music is a truly profound experience for him; he wants nothing more than to share these experiences with the world and it’s such a beautiful thing. I try not to use the phrase “next-level” too often, but I feel as though there’s no other way to describe what the Baltimore-based producer has managed to achieve with this truly stellar EP. Also, I had the pleasure of seeing him and Au5 live on New Year’s Eve and it easily one of the best dubstep sets I’ve ever seen, period. If you have the the opportunity to see these guys live do not miss out, I’m not messing around when I say that they are the future of bass music! Not many people can get away with calling themselves “sonic alchemists,” but these guys are definitely more than worthy of the title.