Above & Beyond have been around for well over a decade now and with the explosion of dance music over the past two years, it is nothing but refreshing to see three of the most popular people in the game return to the musicians they were before they were producers. In this twelve track masterpiece you will find some of Above & Beyond’s biggest hits stripped of all electronic elements and instead, one of the most talented trios return to their roots, arranging the tracks for a twenty four piece orchestra.

After premiering the film recording of their iconic performance at Porchester Hall, the acoustic collection of Above & Beyond’s greatest hits is now available on iTunes. If you missed it, you can stream the movie below on YouTube and experience the hour and a half of musical bliss presented in an intimate setting.

Familiar renditions from Group Therapy such as “Sun & Moon,” “Thing Called Love.” “You Got To Go,” and “Love Is Not Enough” all make appearances on the album, finding home among others from Tri-State and Sirens Of The Sea, including a “Making Plans,” a track while unreleased, received the last slot on the album.

Considering the loyal and dedicated fans that Above & Beyond have, this album couldn’t impress more. You can hear the time, emotion, and attention to detail poured into every single arrangement, each bringing power of the original to new heights. Above & Beyond have proven yet again the musicality of dance music. While not all producers display the same qualities, it’s inspiring to see these three prove the critics and naysayers wrong.