AFK’s Cloud Kingdom EP, the newest release from Firepower Records, reminds us once again how they are one of the filthiest labels for dubstep in the industry right now.

To me, AFK (along with a few choice others on FP) has always been the one to really bring melody to the filth. If you’ve read some of my past work, melody is paramount to me. I like grime, just not to the detriment of other musical elements. I’m happy that AFK has brought on some featured artists who also fall into that category – Alex Sin and Dion Timmer, especially.

My favorite track, hands down, has got to be “Bond With Me” feat. Dion Timmer. From the very first wobble I was hooked; and as the drop kicked in with “Here we go!” I couldn’t stop myself from almost throwing out my neck from banging along to that sick beat. Grab it now on iTunes!