At this point, we’re all used to hearing EDM-influenced music at places other than your typical concert. From sports games to commercials to movie previews, it is clear that EDM is taking over.

In the most recent Cadillac commercial for example, A-Trak makes a guest appearance in order to promote the new Cadillac Crest and 2015 ATS Coupe. A-Trak does his thing behind the decks as the car is slowly revealed in all its glory.

Yet, why would Cadillac utilize a DJ in order to advertise its new product?

Maybe there is an innate connection between fancy cars and sick beats that we have all neglected to realize. 

Or perhaps Cadillac is attempting to update its image, considering the average Cadillac consumer in 2011 was 57, six years older than the average car-buyer in general, according to MSN.

By portraying a young and successful DJ in its advertisement, Cadillac could merely be trying to appeal to a younger crowd by playing our funky music.

After all, we are the electronic music generation.