Brooklyn DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss has started a DJ school for babies. Yeah, you read that right. It’s a DJ school for children ages 3 and under, because if you really loved your baby you’d be dropping $200 to send it to Baby DJ School. It’s an eight-week course in creating and mixing electronic music at Crown Heights thrift store and performance space Cool Pony.

“It’s a wonderful tool for children to use because it doesn’t require fine motor skill, as opposed to playing the flute. He can’t really draw a perfect circle, but he can mix some slicing beats together.”

Well there goes the notion of “talented” DJs.

Featured music in the course includes original songs such as “Makin’ Our Favorite Beat Drop” and “That’s Why Daddy Loves Disco.” This whole Baby DJ thing kind of downplays a DJ’s job, and makes it seem easier than it actually is. However, maybe in a couple years we’ll start seeing 5 year old kids throwing down behind the decks.


You can check out Vice’s documentary about the Baby DJ School down below.