Versatility is the next big thing; from Melbourne bounce to electro house to trap, ratnap encapsulates it all. Hailing from New Jersey, ratnap, also known as Will Von Ullrich, proves with his genre-bending productions that there is more to the state than fist-pumping to Pauly D. According to his Soundcloud, “I make all kinds of music”. That he does, and that he does well.

Ratnap has experimented across genres, not limiting himself to one concrete sound. Currently he is big into Melbourne bounce, but often finds himself sticking to his house-y roots.

“I make this style because it gives me a sense of escape”.

In an age where your average Joe thinks he can DJ/produce, it’s refreshing to find an artist with a musical background. Ratnap isn’t your average fly-by-night DJ/producer; a self-taught piano and guitar player, music has always been a part of the 20-year-old artist’s life.

From his funky sample of B.A.M.F., to his electric feel in Bring It, to his trap remix of DJ Turn It Up, ratnap goes to show that you never know what true hidden talent you’ll find deep in the confines of the magical world of Soundcloud.