Laidback Luke rejoices with his fans with a party of 1 million as that is the number of likes he reached on on Facebook as of today! In a recent Twitter post, Luke thanks his fans for the big million and as he puts it, “real ones too”. Now obviously he would consume the remaining years of his life if he were to sought after each and ever fan to personally thank. So he decided to release a free tune to the masses as one big thank you!

Giving his original work a 2014 edit, Luke takes “My God” and transforms it into a Big Room House track with an an acid infused bassline which he retitled My G.O.D (Laidback Luke 2014 Edit). Opening up with a jungle style drum loop and arpeggiated trance synth before transforming into that Big Room feel with the acid bassline. This edit is a great addition to any and all playlists!

This track is available for free so make sure to download it from Laidback Luke’s Soundcloud page after you give “My G.O.D” a listen!


-Chris Wood-