Hey guys, trying out a new feature here. Don’t know how frequently these will be, but just know I’ll bringing the heat when I do. I’ve got five freebie jams for y’all to vibe to this weekend and I hope you love them as much as I do.

First off the bat, we’ve got the latest from one of Canada’s fastest-rising producers Rook Milo. He’s quickly building up a reputation for himself and his signature spins on hip-hop records and for his latest feat he takes on Drake’s “The Language”, giving us an ethereal sound with a hypnotizing bassline.

Switching up the beat a bit is the duo of Hotel Garuda. Setting the blogoshere on fire with their debut Disclosure edit, the boys are back for more and they brought a friend in AOBeats. Together, the three tackle Corona’s timeless classic “Rhythm Of The Night” and really step up the funk with some killer sax in there to boot.

Next on the docket is a guy who’s been flying under the radar far too long. Hailing from the nation’s capital, Royal drops off a Chris Brown remix so original you’d swear it wasn’t originally R&B at all. With some of the tightest production I’ve seen in an amateur production and the sneakiest Phil Collins sample of all time, “Fine China” is quickly becoming one of my favorites so far this year.

Following that up, we have a previously unreleased effort from those Keys N Krates boys. Since they first made the transition to bass music, they’ve been relatively unstoppable and their unique sound is envied across the world. This one is a bit farther off than you’d expect, but it still bangs hard.

And to finish this off and start the weekend on a big note comes the freshest from Them Jeans. One of the most versatile producers in the game, TJ takes on Calvin Harris’ 2013 jam “Thinking About You” and turns it into a house anthem perfect for a pregame or a late night. Hope y’all enjoyed and have a great weekend!