Umek‘s tech label 1605 just dropped a fresh EP in their Platform series, the second one this year. While all the tracks have their perks, there are two must have standouts for tech fans in this compilation.

Groovebox, Electronic Empire – “Puff, Puff, Pass
Gangster samples never get old, no matter what dance genre. Groovebox has been working closely with Umek as of late- and for good reason- Groovebox has been consistently delivering wholesome tech house records. This one with Electronic Empire keeps up the Groovebox themes of rap loops throughout the whole track, much like chart topper “Brooklyn” from Groovebox last year.

Hazzaro – “Rock It
The white noise that lies underneath this record makes a world of difference. The short vocal samples flipped up against a riveting bassline is all that is needed to make this a tech house killer. It may be the fourth and final track on the EP, but this is one not to sleep on. You might even recognize the sample as also used in Ian Pooley‘s “Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)“!

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