A huge partier with a heart for philanthropy; Steve Aoki didn’t just throw cakes at hungry fans during his Aokify America North American Tour, he also raised $65,000 to donate through his Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.

The famous DJ/producer had fans vote on his Facebook page for their favorite organizations in order to donate a portion of the proceeds from his tour to the leading four, all which happened to involve neurological health. Aoki thus donated one dollar from each ticket sold to four organizations: The Brain Preservation Foundation, The University of Rochester Medical Center Memory Program, American Brain Foundation, and Infusio.

Through his philanthropical efforts, Steve Aoki is a prime example of an artist who uses his fame to take a stance and make a beneficial difference.

“My philanthropy work is just as important to me as my music. I’ve been involved with many charities and non-profit organizations throughout my career, and I always take the time to give back and volunteer when I can. These four organizations represent the best in what they do, and I’m stoked to be working with them.”


source: Dancing Astronaut