GTRONIC‘s After Dark EP will bring you into the experience of going hard at a rave at 4 in the morning after already having been at it for hours. Two dirty electro delicacies come packaged in one project that will be fully available tomorrow, March 4th. Today, we have a full preview of the EP, so let’s see just what those two records have to offer.

“Afterlight” is at the number one spot; the mysterious and engaging single has an intro that makes your emotions bubble all over the place. Just as you get a grip (thanks to some cowbell) the dirty bassline comes in to steal the show. The pounding kick pulls you along while the gritty samples slowly melt your soul. Lightening things up, for a bit, is “Walk The Night,” whose intro gives you a nice break between getting down to some raunchy beats. The chorus on this one will put you in a spell just as potent with bass as the other single. Be there tomorrow when these become available through Freakz Me Out Records.