Spring Break is hitting schools across the nation and people cannot wait to cut loose from their busy lives for a week of rest and relaxation. The best part is that Max Seethaler has just released an “emotional deep” track on his soundcloud page to add to the all the excitement. Better known by his WKND alias, this most recent piece of music is more than just a deep house song.

The new song “LOST” is a gentle play on the guitar accompanied by light beats and an innocent melody creating a melancholy tune. This song also comes with a message from the young German stating, “I couldn’t see coming it down the eye, so I had to make the song cry,” referencing a recent setback from a loved one. With this in mind, listeners can really feel the sense of confusion and desolation poured into the song. However, it is not a pity-song. Rather, it is a song that reflects on themes of betrayal and heartbreak in a minimalistic way.

Regardless of the sorrowing tones the song spawns from, it is an enlightening listen and free to download here. Check the full track below and share your thoughts on it in the comments.