Okay, so to start: Dyro‘s recent release of Black Smoke just a month ago has previously aroused suspicions of a rip-off from Pegboard Nerds‘ remix of Skrillex & Damian Marley‘s track Make It Bun Dem. You can hear the similarities in the drops from PN originally and Dyro in imitation on Black Smoke below:

Most currently, Dyro has seemingly done it again with his track Calling Out featuring Ryder. This time he has reportedly borrowed from Deadmau5‘s hit title Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff. This can be observed at the 1:03 mark in Calling Out where the backing synth strongly resembles that of Mau5‘s. With the preview just released today, it will be interesting to see whether or not Revealed Recordings maintains the March 17th release date for the track despite the apparent similarities. We can also look forward to how Deadmau5 might react given his notoriety for confronting apparent rip-off artists (like the recent Wildstylez affair). Check out the two tracks below in comparison:

Did Dyro steal Deadmau5‘s synth/melody? Let us know your thoughts below: