It’s a big week for Electric Family. Monday we saw the release of their new Spring line, and now they are releasing their limited edition Monstercat bracelet with all of the proceeds being directed to the Humane Society of Canada. Monstercat has given back to their Canadian community before, but now with Electric Family at their side, the two will accomplish so much more. All for animals, who, for the most part, are at the mercy of humans. These charity bracelets are sure to help the cause though!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Electric Family’s bracelets, think of them like classy kandi. Anybody looking to add a sleek accessory that can be worn in a professional atmosphere, these are your ticket, especially with one like the Monstercat edition because of it’s neutral colors. All of the bracelets and other merchandise are backed by the communal idea that we can make the world a better place together. You can wear one bracelet and stay simple and tasteful, or you can buy and wear them all; the choice is yours. Stay stylish and contribute to many wonderful causes that umbrella themselves under the eyes of our entire Electric Family.

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