DJs and avid music listeners always want the best sound quality they can get. However, we sometimes encounter equipment, whether it be a weak cable, a weak sound source like a phone/iPad or even a laptop, that just doesn’t do the music justice. Traktor has stepped forward to try and remedy this for those looking for top quality playback with their new Audio 2 MK2 device. To put it simply, it is the world’s smallest soundcard.

The Audio 2 MK2 will act as an amplifier in case there are any weak points in the signal chain. Beefing up the sound will allow those WAVs to sound nice and thick just like they are supposed to; mp3s will be acted on the same, but the sound quality for an mp3 is much lower than a WAV to begin with. The soundcard is iOS ready and will work with DJ gear or even just your phone. It’s a revolutionary item that allows for ease of transport and it’s easy on the wallet. Labeled at just $99, this affordable product becomes even more worth it because with your purchase comes a $50 gift card to the Native Instruments store. Accessories are included except for a $25 power cable that will sustain a level of increased power.

Check out the video below to see for yourself just what the Audio 2 MK2 entails.