Tijs Michiel Verwest, more popularly known as Tiesto has been sent to the San Jose Hospital as a result of passing out on stage before his performance at the Electric Bounce House festival in San Jose California. As a result, his scheduled performance was cancelled while the Dutch producer was rushed to the local hospital. We will be sure to update you as we learn more about the situation.

It is still unclear as to what exactly happened but reports claim that Tiesto passed out on stage right before his scheduled DJ set and possibly injured his head as he fell. It appears that paramedics on the scene decided it would be best to send Tiesto to the nearest hospital after having inspected his possible injury and state. Electric Bounce House was a 1 day event that took place at the SAP Center in San Jose with headliners Afrojack, Calvin Harris, DJ Vice and Tiesto.

Back in September of 2006 Tiesto was forced to cancel a series of shows as he was admitted to hospital after strong chest pains. It was reported that he was diagnosed with pericarditis which is an inflammation of the fibrous sac surrounding the heart. Pericarditis can occur after a heart attack and can be in turn chronic, although very rare and more unlikely than acute pericarditis. Hopefully this time around it is something far less serious.

Tiesto is slated to perform at this year’s Ultra Music Festival and as such we do hope that whatever has befallen him quickly passes so that the famous and loved producer and DJ can quickly get out of the hospital and back to doing what he loves the most.

New reports are coming in stating that Tiesto might have actually performed one song prior to being accosted by paramedics. saying “He was running down the steps (right after he started his set) holding a towel on the left side of his face followed by a medic.”

Below is a short amateur video of what happened from inside the San Jose SAP Center. The video came before the production cut-off. It is a countdown before his set where you can somewhat see a figure in a white t-shirt, Tiesto (around the 20 second mark of the video; second 7 of the countdown), come up and it looks as if he passes out or hits his head on the hanging LED screen as the sound guy rushes to help him.

UPDATE: After staying silent for a few hours Tiesto finally informed his fans of the situation. It appears that after hitting his head on an LED screen Tijs cut himself and was diagnosed with a concussion. As a result, his doctors told him not to play his next show in LA at Amplify Hollywood tonight. You can read his tweet here:

Looks like Zedd will be filling in for Tiesto tonight at the AMP 97.1 event in Los Angeles.

Looks like Nick Ghetto, associated with Ghetto House Radio, closed out the show for Tiesto.