Back in January, Deadmau5 announced the completion of his new 2-disc, 25-track album. Recently, he revealed more details about his album, which is expected to be released in April through his partnership with Astralwerks.

In his typical outspoken and unfiltered fashion, the producer elaborated on the status of his album: “I have the digital masters ready to fucking go, but they have to run it through the marketing machine and the release schedule and what we’re going to do to ‘help push the album’ fuckin’ bullshit. So I’m just gonna let them do that, but it takes more than two months.”

Fans can expect to hear familiar tracks on his new album, but he states, “I’m confident that there’s enough fresh stuff on there that it’s going to attract new fans. That’s kind of the play here – not do a continuation of what I’ve been doing for the last four albums; that’s just stupid.”

“I’m trying to just do an album that if you don’t know your fuckin’ head from your arse you’ll walk through the record store, see it and go, ‘Ah, this could be cool.’ Plus there’s a couple of tracks on there that are quite radio-friendly, not even dance music, that I’m going to put out as singles just to attract that kind of shit. So it’s a long-game strategy at this point,” he explains.

In the midst of his minimal techno track and a multi-million-dollar 360° stage setup in the works, we’re looking forward to what new sounds and creativity Deadmau5 has in store for us through his new album.

Source: inthemix