Photo credit: Billboard
You’re still struggling to get an education, while these guys are making music, playing sold-out shows and probably earning a lot of money. All of them are under the age of 25, some can’t even buy alcohol and they’ve all made Billboard’s Top 10 list of young EDM stars to watch.

Here they are:

Cole Plante
Danny Avila
Elle Morgan
Martin Garrix
Porter Robinson
Will Sparks

It’s unclear what Billboard is trying to achieve with this list. With a number of Grammy and BRIT nominations under their belt, wouldn’t it be correct to argue that Disclosure have already ‘made it’? How much bigger does Billboard expect them to get? Krewella already have a large dedicated following but Martin Garrix? Will Wizard honestly reach the same heights and success as Animals?

What do you think of the list? After the success of Language and growing anticipation for his latest album, perhaps Billboard are correct in including Porter Robinson. Plus, after working with the likes of Lady Gaga, it’s safe to assume that Madeon will be on the ‘up-and-up’.

Who would you include or omit from the list?