It seems Tiesto is not the only DJ with health problems this week. In the midst of Miami Music Week, just a day before Ultra begins, Dada Life has announced that Stefan had to unfortunately fly back to Sweden for an immediate abdominal surgery. There is no further information about his abdominal condition other than he had to urgently have the emergency surgery in order to prevent future health risks. There is no word yet on his recovery time, but in order for the show to go on, Olle will be feeding the dada solo at this week’s upcoming shows in Miami, Las Vegas, and Boise. We here at Your EDM wish Stefan a smooth, successful, and speedy recovery from his surgery and hope to see you back behind the decks soon!

We wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately Stefan has had to fly back to Sweden to have some urgent abdominal surgery. It has to be done now to prevent more serious conditions in the future, as of right now we don’t know the recovery time but will have a timeline from the doctors in the coming days and will keep you all posted.

For the upcoming shows this weekend in Miami, Las Vegas and Boise please note that Olle will be coming and playing a full Dada Life show.

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