If you thought this week couldn’t get more ludicrous, think again. After much butt hurt from Deadmau5’s performance at Ultra this past Saturday, a petition has been submitted to the white house to ban the Canadian from performing within the United States. Whether it’s a troll or genuine ridiculousness still remains to be seen but without a doubt, it’s at least worth a chuckle. Check the petition out below:

On 29 March 2014, Joel Thomas “deadmau5” Zimmerman executed a travesty upon the millions (and millions) of EDM fans across America.

Deadmau5 trolled electronic dance aficionados by playing Animals, Old McDonald Had a Farm, and Levels sarcastically during his set at the Ultra Music Festival.

We urge Barack Obama to use all the powers of the presidency to ensure this never happens again.

Ban Joel Thomas “deadmau5” Zimmerman from performing or appearing at any future music festival held in the United States. Deadmau5’s presence is a detriment to the economy and national security of America.

UPDATE: Looks like the White House didn’t quite agree with the petition as it was “removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation.” So there you have it folks, deadmau5 isn’t going anywhere.

You can check out where the petition used to be HERE