If you have only been to DJ performances, then you need to expand your horizons. One act you can do that with is London’s ANiMAL Music, a four piece live band who specialize in house, as well as drum & bass, which is what we have for you today with the song “Monsters.” Commencing with cheerful keys, vocals enter quickly into the mix to dominate the airwaves until we get into the meat of things. Drum breaks now contend with the vivacious vocal while the piano stabs its way into your ears in the most pleasureful way. Even possibly more pleasureful (and ever so nostalgic) are the synths that come in as the second chorus is bursting onto the scene. I would be so ecstatic to have the opportunity to see them live; if you have the chance I suggest you take it. Connect with ANiMAL on social media to stay up to date on their whereabouts as well as future music!

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