“Fire Away” is definitely the most chill track on the new Skrillex album, so I honestly wasn’t expecting too many remixes of it. Nevertheless, Aeons stepped up and showed off their production prowess with this one.

With this as the only track on their SoundCloud and a very newly minted Facebook page, Aeons is a bit of a mystery. Regardless, the remix gives me goosebumps in all the right places. The whole mix isn’t terribly different from the original, but many of the lower basslines are replaced with flighty arpeggiated synths and the vocals are chopped, rearranged, and slowed to fit with the rhythm.

The changes to the track are more subtle than anything and that might lend to Aeons production ability, or not. Either way, until we see some original material, we’re just going to have to wait and see. In the meantime, head to their Facebook page to download the remix for free!