We had a Skrillex drought for a bit there, but now we are in the middle of a full on musical assault of great proportions. One of the tracks that we have had the pleasure of having off the Recess album was the collaboration with the Ragga Twins on “Ragga Bomb,” which now has a music video to go with the already captivating song. Much like the other Skrillex videos, this one is a cinematic wonder that has it’s fair share of fantasy involved. A post apocalyptic scene is painted with warring factions who meet in the end for a showdown involving lightsaber-esque weaponry. Before every battle, of course, there has to be the ritualistic pre-fight choreographed dance to bring good luck upon the contenders, so there’s that too. All of this with the bass heavy goodness that Skrillex brings to the table makes for a marvelous audiovisual package!