Last year, Ethan and Josie of Candyland teamed up with Zak Waters for “Not Coming Down,” a funky, melodic dubstep tune. The original is a refreshing, summer-style song featuring Candyland’s righteous vibrato leads and bass along with Zak Water’s impressive vocals. A few days ago, Spinnin released the remixes of “Not Coming Down,” and the release features quite the selection. It includes remixes by Kaj Melsen, Boney, Adrien Mezsi, Revoke28 Mansions, and Zak Waters himself, for a total of six remixes!

#1 – Not Coming Down (Kaj Melsen Remix)

The first remix on the release is Kai Melsen’s, a progressive house producer based out of Drunen, Netherlands. With a similarly pulsating vibrato lead, his remix stays true to the original’s euphoric feel, but gives it a 4×4 structure with a progressive house reinterpretation. Melsen really delivers on this one; his remix uses elements of the typical melodic “big room” house formula, but he managed to put his own unique spin on it, making for an awesome remix.

#2 – Not Coming Down (Boney Remix)

Next up is Boney’s remix. Boney, aka Alexander Bone, is a 17 year old producer based in the UK, and his remix is quite interesting. This one is electro house gem that has everything you could possibly desire from a tune like this. He utilizes his saxophone skills and gives the remix a special twist. The remix has everything from a funky, groovy vibe, to a progressive-house style melodic drop. This dude has got some major talent.

#3 – Not Coming Down (Adrien Mezsi Remix)

The next remix is that of Adrien Mezsi, a very talented Los Angeles-based producer. His remix starts out with a typical “Spinnin‘” build up, but takes quite the refreshing turn with the first drop. The tune is a hard-hitting progressive house banger that thankfully doesn’t use the hackneyed “big room” formula. The first drop is a groovy breath of fresh air that will undoubtedly get you moving. Mezsi develops the feel of the remix into a classic house-style euphoric banger with a melody reminiscent of Eric Prydz’ “Pjanoo,” with a generally more more uplifting vibe.

#4 – Not Coming Down (Zak Waters Remix)

The fourth remix on the release comes from the very talented vocalist himself, Zak Waters. Waters takes the tune in a whole different direction with his remix, delivering an extremely funky percussive house tune. While I’m not typically a fan of this style of house, I seriously can’t help but nod my head to the extremely contagious vibes of this track. Waters cleverly utilizes some elements of the original, but adds a delightfully unique twist to it. From catchy uplifting vibes, to immensely groovy drums, Zak Waters’ remix has it all — really awesome track!

#5 – Not Coming Down (Revoke Remix)

This coming remix is an absolute savage of a tune coming from Hollywood-based producer Revoke, who recently released quite the heavy EP titled “Daybreak” (check it out here). Similar to his recent EP, his remix of “Not Coming Down” is exceptionally heavy. It’s is a drum & bass reinterpretation of the original that utilizes the original’s vocals perfectly. The remix has just the right amount of “filth” to go against the euphoric feel of the original, making for a pretty diverse remix. Oh, and did I mention that the drums on this tune are comically enormous? Because they totally, totally are. The drums alone will have you head-banging all day and night. Really impressive material from Revoke!

#6 – Not Coming Down (28 Mansions Remix)

The sixth and last (but certainly not least) spot on the release belongs to 28 Mansions. His remix is nothing like any of the other remixes. With a style that he dubs “sexwave,” his remix will bestow you with all the fuzzy feels you’ll need for the day. Sticking to the original’s vibrato-utilizing melody, 28 Mansions’ remix is extremely melodic. From a euphoric pluck running throughout the remix, to a wind chime giving it an extra “fuzzy” feel, this remix is quite the uplifter.

Honestly, I’m surprised to see this style of material on Spinnin’ Records. Even though, for some odd reason, all six remixes are labeled as house on Beatport, it’s a rare case that we get to see such a diverse release from Spinnin‘. Really awesome material! Be sure to share your thoughts via the comment and rating sections down below.