Loadstar just dropped a dual-release of drum & bass goodness! The UK duo first made waves in the United States with “Second Skin,” the huge anthem made popular by Rusko as his go-to encore track in 2012. Now, they’re back with two more solid additions to one of d&b’s best catalogues.

Upon first listen, “Stepped Outside” caused me to experience some kind of musical brain burst – its haunting piano backbone bares a strong similarity to the one Trent Reznor used to push Something I Can I Never Have into the echelon of the 90s’ most brooding tunes. But the ambient beat here brings Loadstar’s talent to focus, demonstrating their skillful ability to produce poignant pieces as well as crowd-rustling bangers. The vocals are clean and fittingly sullen. And with a virtual flip of the vinyl, the energy picks up again.

“Under Pressure” brings the heat we’re more familiar with at Ram Records. The rollercoaster buildup explodes into a chaotic drop, certain to be a touchstone moment at any of Loadstar’s upcoming shows around Australia and beyond! It has all the characteristics of an original production that begs to be remixed; Andy C, Tantrum Desire or Camo & Krooked could all boost this one to even greater heights.

Listen to previews of both tracks below!