For whatever reason, dance music “fans” can be pretty rigid. So rigid, in fact, that genre-bashing has become a mainstay with listeners, and even producers alike. “Fuck genres” has been plastered on every sort of social media, and despite their good intentions of spreading boundless music, I think it hurts the expansive nature of music our scene has to offer; it’s almost ironic really, but I totally understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Someone who has taken to Facebook to proclaim his frustrations about this topic is Chris Lake. The London-to-LA producer had to let off some steam about his distaste for fans intolerance a few days ago where he begs the question “Maybe it’s all because deep down, we each think our musical taste is the right choice, and everyone else is wrong?” Many people think this way, but when you get down to it, it’s all about egos. When you realize you are a part of something much bigger than yourself, you will see that your doors need to stay open like Lake’s. Even if you don’t like deep house, tech, or commercial stuff like Chris, at least be neutral towards it. There’s no need to bash. So please, everyone who feels the need to say “dubstep sucks” or “trance is gay,” take the stick out of your ass and chill out. It will serve you, and our scene much better if you did.