According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple is working on integrating Shazam’s functionality directly into iOS 8. Shazam is already a powerhouse of an app and is widely available across most – if not all — mobile platforms. But now, Apple could be making it even more common among users by integrating it into its coming iOS 8, rendering it commonplace.

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s interest in Shazam could possibly be a method to boost its iTunes sales. Songs identified through Shazam could be compared against iTunes’ offerings and would be available for purchase through the store. Google, which is Apple’s main competitor in the mobile market, has added a similar feature to its Android voice-operated search tool just over a month ago. Other Android-based phone manufacturers have also included song identification applications on their devices.

Through its iTunes store, Apple has already been rendered as the biggest and most successful online music retailer in the world. But people have increasingly started to turn to companies like Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora for music streaming, which is why Apple introduced its iTunes Radio streaming service last year. Apple plans to expand its streaming service to the international market soon, which will give Apple the upper hand since Pandora is only available in the U.S. due to licensing agreement limitations.

With the recent boom of EDM in America. it’s really not surprising that mobile device manufacturers have started to integrate music-related functionalities more heavily as of late.

[H/T: NDTV Gadgets]