Happy Trap Tuesday, everyone! I’ve got quite the treat for you today, a freshly released banger of a track from San Diego’s DJ Pound. This guy is fast on the come-up and if you don’t know his name, then ‘Thas Some Hevvy Shit (Drop It)’ is a perfect introduction.

Trap (or, to be more accurate, GOOD TRAP) is all about doing the most with very little and Pound absolutely nails that minimalistic vibe with this track. Utilizing some of the heaviest bass I’ve ever heard and a classic Cheech & Chong vocal sample, he’s created a crunk certified dance-floor destroyer. With support from the likes of G Jones, GANZ, Bleep Bloop, and more, this is definitely not a track to sleep on! Give it a listen below and cop the free download courtesy of Saturate Records.

P.S., for any DJs planning to drop this in their sets, make sure to holler ‘DJ POUND ON THE BEAT’!

DJ Pound

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