In the winding world of the inter-webs there is an ample amount of people willing to say anything for attention. It could be a 10 year old kid claiming to be a big time DJ or even a much older gentleman claiming that a 10 year old phenom is impossible. The untruths can go both ways and in the case of Aiden Jude the jury is still out. Our sense of reality doesn’t want us to believe that Aiden could have produced “Tonight,” so it is easy to throw ghost production claims at him, although there really is no evidence to support this. There is the press release that states “Tonight” was co-produced by Carlos Escalona but thanks to the investigative reporting done by our friends over at, Carlos has denied any claims of ghost producing the track.

The conversation continues as DoAndroidsDance put some pressure on Carlos to disclose the exact details of his involvement:

As the back and forth carries on it becomes apparent that there will be no resolution to these claims. This disbelievers are going to disbelieve and Aiden will hold to his ownership of the track. The only people that will ever know the truth are Aiden Jude and Carlos Escalona and that should be sufficient because there are thousands of ‘co-producing’ contracts out there. You will go insane trying to get to the bottom of who did what. Enjoying the music would be a much better use of your time. 

You can read the full report by DoAndroidsDance here.