Yes, I know there are an infinite amount of remixes to Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful,” but come on, which of those producers were named Sound Remedy? None of them. For those of you who are already well acquainted with Sound Remedy, you know that he has a sound like no other. So when a producer known for his beautiful melodies and insane synth-work remixes “Young and Beautiful,” the product is pretty freaking incredible.

In this latest remix of his, Sound Remedy introduces the track with chord progressions that are immediately met by a blast of bass. After an energizing build up, which almost leaves you on the edge of your seat, your ears are treated to a signature Sound Remedy drop that is just brimming with melody and ambient synths. What absolutely stuns me the most is how well this guy is able to come up with drops that are so different from each other, yet are able to hold onto a sound that can only identify with him. Let this remix enchant you as it clearly did me.