I’ve been waiting for an EP from GRIMEace, and now we have one. Shake It is Aaron’s three item parcel that was dropped on the world freely this Monday. From even before my compilation to now, GRIMEace has been on a streak to clear a path to the upper echelons of dance music. Hey may not be their yet, but if he keeps giving us a mix of traditional and off-the-wall productions, then he’ll have himself some great success.

The title track is a slappin’ twerk heater whose unique sound has this slated as a personal GRIMEace favorite of mine. We get into the trap with “OOGACHAKA,” but the style is bouncy and fun like that of a 100 bpm banger, although faster. Ending the EP on a solid, yet chill note is “F#$% The Beat Up.” I know you have been dancing along; this time all you need are your elbows up for this hood anthem. If you like what you hear, grab the full download through the link below, or you may download tracks individually on the player. Enjoy!

Free Download