After a brief hiatus from writing, I am very happy to report that I’m back on the job for this week’s Sunrise Sessions and I have a wonderful tune to share with you all this clear, blue morning. Today, we’re going to venture into the realm of Progressive music; a realm where mirth and wonder continuously twirl around us in a playful, yet colorful dance of subversive beauty not yet explored by the human eye. For this journey, we head on over to Eastern Europe, where the alluring Lithuanian artist of Lunarbeam currently holds down the fort with his gorgeously luscious chord changes and brazen defiance at conventional genre practices. For his most recent release, he collectively teamed up with fellow friend and vocalist Marija Trapkiewicz, who provides an interesting spin on traditional vocals with her mysterious ethnic flow and style. Even though the vocals are fantastic in its own right, it is the beautiful remix of Blood Groove & Kikis that completely elevates Panic towards the atmosphere as their strikingly dense orchestration fully defines their place as true masters of the scene. Hot off the release of their debut artist album, Wonderland, both Edmunds Kasperovičs and Kristaps Kārkliņš of BG&K once again graciously offer their talents towards another brilliant rework that has been a consistent cornerstone in their highly successful careers.

This particular track is fascinating to experience first hand due to the highly original writing style that Blood Groove & Kikis deliver in their tantalizing rework. (Stay with me on this, everyone); Most music today is like a winding path through a specific area, as its many twists and turns effectively keeps the listener on its toes. However, Panic is different, in the sense that the roads never seem to turn once. Instead of turning every which way, the road remains straight with a constant change in scenery and background. ‘So what do you mean by that, exactly?‘, you may ask. It’s actually quite simple if you bear with me. Many tracks have specific sections that are clearly defined by certain musical parameters, such as the Intro with a pronounced bassline and solid percussion versus a Breakdown with flowing chords and no percussion. Each part is distinctively different, and that’s what gives a piece its sense of identity. However, Panic accomplishes something exceedingly advanced. Even though there are different sections of the piece, it all seems to be held together with a common drive and theme that fluidly connects each piece as one organic train of thought. This risky decision alone has wonderfully paid off, as the notes seem to jump off the page with a sense of life and wonder that few are able to pull off. It’s an amazing technique that’s terribly underused and it really makes Panic shine with a shimmer of dazzling beauty.

The Blood Groove & Kiki‘s Dub Mix of Lunarbeam‘s Panic is now available on Incepto Music via Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today. Also make sure to check out the stuffed release, as it contains a wonderful Deep and Prog Breaks mix, as well as sublime interpretations from Da Funk and Deepshader & Nazca that makes for an incredibly diverse and well crafted release.


Keep the music alive. -Q






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