UPDATE: According to Ald. James Cappleman of Chicago, Wavefront will be cancelled. 4 Headed Productions states they are looking elsewhere to find a home for the festival. Its fate is still in the air, so expect more information as the days pass, but things are looking pretty grim.

Wavefront wasn’t the first event with noise complaints and it certainly won’t be the last. Last year’s rowdiness caused some problems for the plans to push the event forward this year with one result being a forced location change. It is reported that a possible address for the July 4th weekend event be 1st Street Beach (3100 Lake Shore Drive) in Chicago. However, that has been denied. The promoters seem confident, as they should, but city officials were open about there being “still a lot of open issues.” With the event’s date coming soon, you can be sure more information will be coming soon. It’s just a matter of it being good news or bad. Stay tuned for more developments!

Source: DNAinfo Chicago