Can it just be said that Dirt Monkey is absolutely killing the game right now? He’s at the top of my “To See” list for his out of control productions and the incredible energy that (I believe) he brings to his live game. His latest release ‘The Hydra’ is out today on Downlink’s label Uplink Audio.

I really like it when a producer has a title that reflects on the actual elements of the track. In mythology, a hydra was a serpent-like monster. It’s most salient feature being that if you cut off one of its heads, two more grow back … oh, and the middle one breathes fire. On more than one account, it seems like Dirt Monkey can absolute kill anything he puts his mind to. ‘The Hyrda’ is filled with a myriad of small little sounds that you might only pick up after multiple listens, such as the many bleep bloops and growls. While this track itself isn’t an absolute game changer, it further solidifies Dirt Monkey’s place in the scene right now. We saw a similar meteoric rise from Protohype last year – here’s to hoping we have the next one in line. He certainly deserves it.

Check out the track on Beatport.