Kill Paris has been making panties wet since he was just a little boy. Or maybe it was with the release of The Beginning back in 2012. Who really knows? One thing is for sure, when you put someone like Kill Paris in contact with a label like OWSLA, you’re gonna hear something big.

So color me unsurprised when his Foreplay EP dropped today and I fell in complete love with it. Kill Paris has a habit of creating the sexiest basslines and melodies on Earth, and we don’t want him to quit anytime soon. From the flighty and creative opener ‘Float’ to the gritty bass plucks and characteristic uplifting synths in ‘The Walk,’ Foreplay works on getting you ready for the big number all the way through. His incredible collab with Marty Rod Alma on ‘Falling In Love Again’ feels like a classic disco track, maybe with a little Chromeo thrown in for good measure. But the track wouldn’t be complete without Kill Paris rocking his superb keytar skills and showing off for the ladies.

The final track ‘Silence of Heartbreak’ is a heart-wrenching ballad piece that pierces to the very core. It’s beautifully arranged and the vocals are on point. Listen to the whole EP below and support the artist by going on iTunes and picking up a copy.