The young Dutch superstar Martin Garrix receives mixed reviews within the Electronic Dance Music scene. With his career launch primarily attributed to the release and massive popularity of his Big Room “Animals” track, Garrix receives a lot of scrutiny on his hit track being over played on the radio. Now although it is safe to say that “Animals” has climaxed in popularity and at this point the industry should award Martin his Gold status award along with the master copy of “Animals” where he can then shelf both, Garrix sure does take the criticism like a champ.

In a recent interview Martin Garrix states that, “he is proud of what “Animals” has achieved” and that he, “did not produce the track to reach the amount of success it has”, it was intended to be “played in his own sets and clubs and festivals”, fair enough. The first step any music producer needs to realize is that a career in music starts with the music you create. You’re not going to headline Coachella on both weekends with nothing tangible to show for.

Now some of you may be offended when I compare Martin Garrix with a quote Tupac shared, which is that “small minds cannot comprehend big spirits” but it has been said. Sure Garrix has his fair share of criticizers based on both the over saturated playing of Animals and the same 4/4 timed template tracks Martin Garrix has been producing as of late but the young guy doesn’t let that get to him. Martin claims to be straying away from the “sub kick tunes” and is on his way to be “doing more mellow stuff” but before recreating himself he fends off the die hard EDM fans who show steadfast dedication to defending the genres uniqueness, rightfully and thankfully so, by stating, “I honestly don’t really care about the criticism towards “Animals”. “It isn’t my fault that it’s getting played so much on the radio” Garrix exclaims, “I made the record as a club record, not to be on the radio”.

Harsh words from such a young guy but as he goes on to say, “I just love to play and make other people happy”. His parents and management told him last year after doing six straight months of touring that he “needed some rest”, but without skipping a beat exclaims that sharing his passion and creating everlasting memories for his fans that he performs for is what he loves.

-Chris Wood-