(Photo courtesy of OurCityRadio)

Ever since Toronto started to enforce major limitations on the nightlife festivities, things are looking pretty gloomy in Hogtown. With the announcement of the Guvernment’s curtain call for early next year, the forceful relocation of the Foundry Music Festival, and the controversial ban of electronic dance music events at the Exhibition Place, it seems that Toronto has had enough of the electronic music craze. However, it seems that not all of Canada shares the same sentiments.

The second biggest city in Canada is getting an extended curfew for the upcoming summer season. Mayor Dennis Coderre has given the green light on allowing nineteen lucky bars to continue serving alcohol until 5:30 in the morning in Montreal. Although this pushes the normal curfew of Last Call by two hours, it will not be around for very long. From June 5th through July 12th, the city of saints will be partying a little bit later and maybe turning up where Toronto is turning away. This could lead to Montreal taking over as the bigger party city than Toronto and reaping the glorious rewards of that.

Source: Thump