Cheshire‘s bass-funk rises to new heights with his debut album “Simply Lifted.” Since scoring a #1 EP in 2008 on Excision‘s Rottun Records, the producer traveled the world to sharpen his “funk-infused, Latin-laced rhythms.” If you like Gramatik, Griz and Ex Mag, get ready to add another top talent to the sparcely-populated list of electronic-funk producers.

Featuring guitar, sax, piano and beyond, this album is loaded with musical merit. “I Don’t Mind” sets the tone right away with a snazzy, upbeat groove. Electronic elements are delicately applied overhead and the result is a genre-bending fusion of soul and synth. The track “Clark Kent” features impressive verses by rapper Gad Man Dubs, adding another level of fortitude to the diversity contained within this tape.

The classic DJ Snake anthem “Bird Machine” has its animal namesake contested with “Bird Song,” yet another creative use of bird chirps to construct a song. The narrating voice will tell you it’s “just a random cacophony of squawks and chirps,” …and he may just be right. But this is a devastatingly unique track, among the best on the album.

Cheshire sounds off in “Mr. Bingle,” a collaboration with Beat Fatigue. The catchy tune is catalyzed by a marimba solo, among one of the sweetest segments I’ve ever heard in glitch hop, despite being so well concealed within the melody.

Where many others fall victim to a static lack of creativity in genre-blending, Cheshire succeeds. Carrying the weight and expectations of two major genres requires more than just hybrid theory – and the Adapted Records ace displays proficiency beyond his own recognition. Let’s change that! Preview every track on “Simply Lifted” below and download now on Beatport!

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