With the saturation of electronic dance music comes the devolution of terms like “remix.” Lately we have come to question what exactly it takes for a track to be a remix, and, thankfully, Luke Shay helps elucidate that meaning. Stripping the Pegboard Nerds and Elizaveta‘s track to just the vocal mix, Luke Shay constructs a beautiful rendition of Hero that sounds more like an original than a remix.

The result is an epic house track that features cinematic influences which flow perfectly for this heroic track. Awe-inspiring melodies lead to a first monster drop that tears at your heart-strings and fuels your dance tank simultaneously; and, just when you think it couldn’t get better, the bridge and second build pulsate alongside the beautiful choirs to reach the perfection that is the second drop in this track.

If this doesn’t deserve to win the remix competition, then I don’t know what does. This serves as an excellent reminder for what a remix truly is and an amazing track for submission into the remix contest.


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