The Kill The Zo collaborative project sounds like a pairing conceived in an online EDM forum rant, alas this one is not fantasy and is here to demolish any conception of pigeon held genres. Mat Zo has already developed a reputation for crossing party lines and entertaining the air waves with a style that is distinctly his own, and yet by throwing the bass sultan Kill The Noise in the mix, we have become truly baffled as to how this project would sound.

To kick off the KTZ tour, which starts today at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, the boys have release their first studio project, a drum & bass face melter entitled “Part 1.” The mind meld on this one is apparent from the combination of dirty FM bass, bumping 808s, and a heart wrenching melody that balances the track between early 2000’s post-hardcore and contemporary uptempo EDM.

It is probably safe to say that this will not be a strictly drum and bass collaboration. “Part 1” is a dip into the past as they revisit their past ventures, Ewun (KTN) and MRSA (Mat Zo). With this first track in the books, the future is left open for the guys to switch up the beat and keep us guessing. The track is available for streaming below, and make sure to check out the tour dates to see if Kill The Zo will be hitting your town.