Welcome to Dab City, prepare for globs upon globs of ear(wax)-shattering frequencies.

While I normally don’t cover tracks like this, Michael Larson AKA Dab City‘s latest release caught my attention for one simple reason: sheer intensity. ‘Assault’ is a perfectly apt title for this monster of a track; the sounds contained within it could knock a rhino senseless. This is almost more metal than EDM, fusing elements of UK and American dubstep over some truly gnarly drum breaks.

‘Assault’ is available for purchase on Beatport via Ultragore Recordings, the label of renowned dubstep champion, Sluggo. This is his first official release so make sure to buy a copy if you’re feeling this high-grade filth!

Dab City

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P.S. — If you want to catch Dab City and tons of other amazing artists, then check out Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture, an insanely wild underground music festival in the mountains of northern California. This will be Dab City‘s first festival performance and the premier of his collaboration project with Santa Cruz all-star LabRat, DabLab! Check out the rest of the line-up below, tickets are available here..