DANK is no stranger to producing mega records. Already having official remixes for Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and even Rihanna and Pitbull, he adds another to his list for Therese, who came out with a single “Remedy” that got remixed four times for an EP released by Vixon Records. In my opinion, DANK’s remix is the best on the EP and that’s saying something because I think Zoo Brazil’s remix is astonishing, but DANK just brought some straight up fire that can’t be ignored. Bass heads get ready, this arrangement is ridden with it. His choice in moving from the cut timed trap to a full time beat in the second half caught me off guard, yet it was one of those times where you get your mind blown a little bit; you get taken back at first, but you realize what’s going on and thrust yourself back into the action. Well worth the purchase price, follow that link and own this heater!

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